c таджикского с английского


get ready, to prepare: b) to be busy (with)
I (pron.) till, until, to so that, as much as, as far as, unless, so much, in order that, as long as, since; 
аз Душанбе ~ то Хуҷанд from Dushanbe to Khujand; 
~ абад forever; 
~ ин ки, ~ки untill so that; 
~ кай, ~ ба кай until what time; 
~ чӣ расад ба ин ки still less, much less; 
~ ҳадде ки to the extent that
II (numerilise postfixe): ду~ китоб дорам I have two books; 
чанд~ китоб харидӣ? How many books did you buy? ТОАТ (n.) obedience, sub-mission; 
~у ибодат кардан to obey the God, to service God
~ кандан to unrip, to rip up; 
2 coll. sewing; 
break, rupture; 
~ кардан to cut, to slit
indignate, to make indignant, to exasperate